About Siberia

Siberia is a truly wonderful and unique place on the Earth. Its people and nature, even its climate - everything is special out here!

Siberian nature is known for its rare savage beauty, which brings to mind wild splendor of Scandinavian landscapes or the richest forest lands of Canada. Its vast green meadows, hard-to-reach mountains, borderless taiga, sophisticated system of lakes and rivers, lots of unique plants and animals all this makes this region just so remarkable.

Its freezing cold here in winter and boiling hot in summer, the infrastructure could have been better here and there, people happen to be sometimes even more severe that their land, but all the same Siberia is really one of the best places in the whole wide world!

siberian snow winter  siberian forest autumn  siberian summer

Photo by Alexander Trifonov

With such an affection to our homeland we are eager to share our vision of Siberia with everyone, so we are calling together all Siberian people those who stay around and those who are miles away but keep good warm memories about this cold land.

Thats what our project SiberiaShirts is a friendly, recognizable brand which tells the world about our great Siberian country, all with a good deal of humor.

How it all began

It was in 2010 when we made one or two funny printed T-shirts for our friends, so the name Siberia shirts came to mind. Then we started to make such Tees for our friends who travel or constantly live abroad to soothe their home-sick :) We kept designing new prints and slogans, tried different kinds of printing to get best results, got some permanent clients and partners. And eventually an accidental couple of T-shirts have grown into a small business and is hitting the market!

At the meantime we are doing the whole production cycle: starting with designing the prints, producing our branded goods, doing sales and marketing ourselves. And now we can offer a wide range of t-shirts, caps, mugs and other things with funny prints telling the Siberian story. All our cool "Siberia" goods are always available in our online store.

We keep in contact with our friends and customers through all social networks(fb, tw, vk, lj), where we share our design and sales news and post interesting facts about Siberia. People from more than 20 countries of the world have sent us hundreds of photos with them wearing our Siberian T-shirts! And it's only the beginning! :)

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